Let’s build something wonderful together

The name 12Build represents our ambition: we want to build, just like you. But instead of real estate, we want to develop a transparent construction industry. By presenting a convenient offering of construction specialists and enabling sharing of documents for quotes and execution. We would be delighted to assist you.
How it all started
In 2007, 12Build started as a final project and in the meantime it has become an incredible cloud- based tender platform for the construction industry. That may sound complicated, but it is not at all. With 12Build's cloud solutions, our customers save much precious time during the calculation and procurement phase. It optimises the processes of applying and receiving tenders, so that our customers have more time to invest in contacts and focus on calculations, construction methodology, products, etc.

Engaged with our target group

Our strength lies in our ability to listen carefully to our clients. We make it as easy as possible for our users, we speak the language of the construction industry and convert feedback from our clients into added value in our digital solutions.
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Our culture

Once you get to know us, you will see that we are engaged, committed, accessible and passionate. Naturally, we are ambitious, but we are also very level-headed. We enjoy proving ourselves, because that is how we inspire the confidence you need.
Connecting builders with one another


The continuous changing construction world, now and in the future, needs confidence, commitment to expertise, better collaboration and reduced failure costs. We believe that making the relevant selection criteria transparent, especially quality, as well as clear cloud-based communication is the way to go.


12Build connects building partners based on their expertise and facilitates a more efficient way of online collaboration.


Open communication, process optimisation and joint innovation ensure that collaboration between clients, main contractors and construction specialists becomes more relevant, fairer, easier and more fun.
Teamwork makes the dream work​
We are a self-learning and self-guiding organisation. We are convinced that happy colleagues lead to happy customers. To be happy in your work, you must enjoy work and be the best version of yourself. 12Builders have a fresh view, think differently, have an opinion and are continuously adapting.

Working for 12Build

Are you up for a challenge? Then our growing organisation is the right place for you. We need new people in all areas, so show us why you are the person we are looking for!

News & Updates
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