Our people

Our self-learning and self-managing organization consists of over 42 authentic people who are given relatively great freedom and responsibilities, because they have proven that they are able to manage these.
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Tim van der Weerd

Customer Success Specialist
“I get energy from customers who appreciate our products and my input. With the solutions and colleagues of 12Build we can make the Dutch construction industry (and the rest of Europe!) really happy. “
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Meggi Brajshori

Customer Success Manager DE
“My goal at 12build is to provide each client with a great experience and ensure they get the maximum value from our solution. Helping customers and building long-term relationships with them is key and something I really enjoy doing. “
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Cas de Keijzer

Accountmanager Binnendienst
“”Making the most of the day together, with clients & colleagues. Every day a new challenge, we don’t shy away from it at 12Build! Together with our clients, we make the most of the day.””
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Cabio Casander

Customer Success Specialist DE
“”12Build offered me the chance to finish my studies in the middle of a pandemic. I was soon convinced by the concept and by the people behind it. Now I’d like to be part of convincing the rest of Europe by making German construction companies work more efficiently and focusing on digitalisation!””
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Tamara Meester

“When you focus on the good, the good gets better. ” Besides answering the questions and mapping out the wishes, my goal as a support employee is to leave my interlocutor better than I found him / her. Humor and a positive focus makes everyone’s workday a lot more fun.”
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Stefan Rutterkamp

“Don’t look at the past but (together) work on a beautiful(er) future!”
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