Our people

Our self-learning and self-managing organization consists of over 42 authentic people who are given relatively great freedom and responsibilities, because they have proven that they are able to manage these.

Tamara Meester

“When you focus on the good, the good gets better. ” Besides answering the questions and mapping out the wishes, my goal as a support employee is to leave my interlocutor better than I found him / her. Humor and a positive focus makes everyone’s workday a lot more fun.”
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Stefan Rutterkamp

“Don’t look at the past but (together) work on a beautiful(er) future!”
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Taco van der Kamp

“As a person, I think values such as “respect” and “social” are very important. In my work I would like to contribute to a satisfied customer! Together with the entrepreneur, I would like to translate his goals and wishes into opportunities offered by 12Build. So let us work together on a long-term customer relationship!”
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Tom Kleywegt

“Together with Handiggeit it is my aim to optimize your experience of 12Build. With tips and tricks I will make sure that you can work faster!”
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Sarah Zouhair

“As a Business Development Representative, I am honored to introduce our intuitive cloud solution to the French construction market. We have a large and complete database that allows our clients a full optimization and a fine control throughout the quotation process. Together, we go further.”
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Roy Welink

“In my view, sharing knowledge is the strength of the construction world in the Netherlands. Internal and external cooperation ensures the best end result, on a financial level and on the actual realized project. 12Build is the platform that brings these aspects together, lifts the construction world as a whole to a higher level and guarantees knowledge inside and outside the organization. In short 12Build; is the future for everyone in construction in Europe.”
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