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Why construction software has become essential

The digitalisation of the construction sector has been a growing trend for years. Significant increases in efficiency take place in all industries where digitalisation has already progressed. The construction industry has a long way ahead.

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Partnerships with 12Build: Cobbler, stick to your last

12Build colleague Peter Brouwer focuses on partnerships for the company. This means that he facilitates great collaborations with other companies and bundles expertise from different sources, so that we can help each other and the construction sector further. Peter explains how we do this at 12Build and where we’re heading.

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5 planning mistakes everyone makes and how to avoid them

Construction projects that are behind schedule are no exception. The schedule is often the first piece of documentation a client receives to demonstrate the professionalism of the main contractor. It’s key to establishing credibility in an increasingly competitive industry.

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Cloud myths explained: a few truths about the cloud

Exceptional speed and flexibility during work. These benefits are what keeps attracting businesses to the cloud. The outbreak of the coronavirus resulted in many people having to work from home and with it an enormous increase in the use of cloud services.

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12Build according to Viridian Solar: Main contractors often think: if a construction specialist is using 12Build, that company must be in order 

We see 12Build as a full partner in the construction industry, claims Benno Klein Goldewijk, Country Marketing Manager Benelux at Viridian Solar. The company supplies roof-integrated solar panels, which should become more popular, according to Benno and his colleague Pim. 12Build is playing its part in promoting the company’s innovative product.

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