12Build according to HS-Projects: An ambitious nonconformist attracts attention with 12Build

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HS-Projects sees itself as a nonconformist that is keen to operate on the bigger stage. The full-service installation engineering firm anticipates a promising future with 12Build and has even added a button to its website that redirects clients straightaway to the company’s profile on 12Build.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients to submit an invitation to tender with us,” explains director and major shareholder Marc Heussen. “That’s why we have a button on our website redirecting our clients straight to 12Build. It just simplifies the whole process. Main contractors are looking for confirmation of our specialisation. And they can see that at a glance in our 12Build profile.”

About Marc

Marc Heussen is the director and major shareholder at HS-Projects. “But in reality, I’m a jack-of-all-trades at work,” he says with a laugh. Marc has a background in electrical engineering, marketing and business studies. A versatile all-rounder who can’t sit still.

About HS-Projects: a full-service installation engineering firm in technical solutions

HS-Projects was set up by Marc in 2019 together with Cornell Jaspers. “It started when we took over a project company,” says Marc. “We quickly went from eight employees to 23. I’m not a nine-to-five type of person, but sometimes work deep into the night until I fall asleep.” Marc and Cornell started the company out of a desire ‘to make something’. “We were already entrepreneurs in technical services, but we were itching to do more.”

The name HS-Projects has a direct link to the other company: Heuma Services. “Hence the name: HS-Projects, Heuma Services Projects.” An unfortunate name, he feels, but that is how it is. Unless the company is ever taken over, the name will remain.

HS-Projects began in its current form in June 2019. The company took over a project organisation with eight employees. They had been active in retail for years. HS-Projects is now a full-service technical engineering firm providing installations, services and maintenance. The company has two successful branches: one in Amersfoort in the middle of the country and one in Sittard in the South. A new location in Breda was added on 1 August.

Why 12Build: to attract attention to a nonconformist

HS-Projects is keen to build a name among main contractors. “We want to prioritise branding our company and to introduce the unique concept of HS-Projects to other companies.” What is so unique about HS-Projects? The company is a full-service provider in the field of installation engineering. But even more unique according to Marc is the corporate culture. “We have a poster hanging in our Sittard office that translates as: ‘At HS-Projects you’re not allowed to try anything & at HS-Projects you’re not allowed to do your best.’ At HS-Projects you are allowed to arrange things, in collaboration with the client.”

“12Build offers us the expertise we need in the area of marketing.”

Marc is convinced that you should not do everything yourself, but only the things you are good at. “That’s why we decided to use 12Build. You offer us the expertise we need in the area of marketing.” HS-Projects continues to call main contractors it believes can provide collaborative opportunities. 12Build is a good addition to those activities. “An added incentive. Once clients find us through 12Build, it’s important that they also take the step to invite us to submit a tender,” explains Marc. “It gets the ball rolling and clients are able to see that we’re good at what we do.”

Until a few months ago, HS-Projects did not work for contractors, but did see the enormous potential of that market. Marc: “If you decide to make that switch, you look for the best way to do it. That’s how we came to 12Build.” And it has had an immediate effect. In the short time that HS-Projects has been working with 12Build, the company instantly received invitations to tender. Marc: “Of course, it would be nice to receive more, but I’m also aware that we have only just started. We want to be challenged with invitations to tender. This company has the scope to rise to the challenge.” 

A major advantage for Marc is that the main contractors who already knew HS-Projects are now also submitting invitations to tender through 12Build instead of by e-mail. “That makes the tender process a lot clearer for both parties,” he confesses. “Main contractors submit multiple invitations to tender with 12Build in one go with just a few clicks of a button. Ultimately though, it doesn’t matter if you send a carrier pigeon, as long as I receive invitations to tender, I’m happy.”

“It doesn’t matter if you send a carrier pigeon, as long as I receive invitations to tender, I’m happy.”

The major advantage: being number one everywhere

“We didn’t hold back with our 12Build subscription, but were fully committed right from the beginning,” says Marc. “We want our company to be at the top of all lists where we possibly can be. So here too. We want to be number one.” Marc is referring to the search results of main contractors looking for suitable construction specialists for a project. The 12Build database enables main contractors to filter on reference projects, quality labels, distance to the project and, above all, specialisations. Listed as a full-service installation engineering firm in 12Build, HS-Projects can be found by main contractors searching for electrical engineering installations as well as communication and security installations.

Marc also thinks it is beneficial that main contractors can specify the company as a preferred partner in 12Build when they are satisfied with the collaboration. “A number of our regular partners already do that with us and we encourage main contractors to continue doing so.”

The construction industry is digitalising, but not as fast as Marc would like

When you clearly understand the importance of technology in your company, digitalisation will go a lot faster. “Training the digitally unskilled often already has a very positive effect,” he explains. “And if you then show new employees how much fun and easy technology is, you’ll quickly digitalise your company.” Marc says how fortunate it is to be working in installation engineering. “A lot of people here know how technology works.”

HS-Projects is also working more and more digitally. “No longer developing the drawings on paper, but just digitally. The same applies to time-sheet management of my colleagues and processing purchase orders. We have all the possibilities here, but I also believe we are still not making maximum use of digital solutions. The construction industry is of course rather traditional in nature.” 

Marc also believes that 12Build certainly contributes to the digitalisation of the construction industry. “If you look at the past 15 years, the traditional construction industry has moved relatively quickly from a paper-driven tender process to online solutions. The fact that 12Build offers a platform for this is certainly a real bonus.”

Collaboration with 12Build: contact with colleagues

The interview with Marc was the first to take place on location since the outbreak of the coronavirus. At the office in Amersfoort. “I really like that,” says Marc. “The fact that you can visit us again now and then.” Not only was content marketeer Tiffany Frasa at the office, but also account manager Martijn Brouwer, sitting opposite each other drinking coffee.

Marc: “I mainly have had contact with Martijn. If I say to him that I want something changed, Martijn sets to work immediately.” That was also the case when it came to creating the profile for the HS-Projects office in Sittard. “If I start to grumble about something, people respond proactively.”

Marc particularly likes the fact that 12Build is not a collaborative partner that wants to impose how things are done, but is keen to discuss any issue. “It’s about finding a middle way and sharing knowledge. That’s what collaboration is all about.”


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