Five reasons why you should start digitalising before 2022

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In a rapidly evolving digital world facing major social issues and changing client behaviour, companies are being forced to be innovative. Our society is moving quickly towards a digitalised future. To increase productivity and to ensure you stay ahead of the competition, digitalisation is imperative.

Digitalisation originally had only one meaning: the process of converting physical data into a digital form. Examples include scanning reports, construction plans, or quotes that would arrive by mail, or converting a building to BIM through the use of drone technology. Today, the term digitalisation has taken on a broader significance. The digitalisation of processes now also involves the inclusion of digital technologies in business and social processes, with the aim of improving them. By digitalising processes, companies change the way they interact with their customers. This in turn often has a positive impact on turnover, which increases as a result of the contribution digitalisation makes towards higher productivity. In other words, accomplishing more in less time and therefore having more time available for other activities that increase revenue, brand awareness or the number of new customers.

1. Clarity about all information

Uncertainty among colleagues or between construction partners slows down the construction process. And that costs money. Construction technology promotes collaboration between teams that do not have daily contact with each other and reduces uncertainty for all parties. Whether it concerns performing financial risk analyses, organising and processing documents or producing accurate cost estimates, you will streamline your company by working digitally.

Digitalisation enables companies to integrate information and puts an end to containers full of disorganised data. Technical solutions help to document e-mails and tenders (and their status) and to facilitate the completion of a construction project. All project information is transparent for all your colleagues through digitalisation. So no more trudging back and forth between the costing and procurement departments to be brought up to date. Now you can check the project status online in just a few minutes.

2. Better decision-making based on automatic data

Good software specifically developed for the construction industry provides insight into statistics, so that you can make well-balanced decisions for each project. Consider, for example, the likelihood of whether construction specialists will submit a quote. You do not want to continue sending invitations to tender to those construction specialists who have no intention of doing so. 12Build Matchmaker provides this insight, along with a lot of other statistics. These include details of a construction specialist’s financial health, quality labels and certificates, as well as being able to see from the profile whether the specialist in question can handle a project or not, all before submitting an invitation to tender.

Digitalisation promotes collaboration with construction specialists. Access to plans and information streamlines the business and improves construction quality for customers, based on statistics from previous projects.

3. Automation of manual tasks for greater productivity

Construction is a collaborative process involving among others architects, designers, advisers, construction specialists and main contractors. A breakdown in communication can lead to disconnected teams and loss of information, which in turn leads to delays, rework and waste. According to a recent FMI report, poor project data and miscommunication on projects are responsible for 48% of all rework in construction.

The lack of technology and digitalisation is particularly worrying when you consider the amount of data and people involved in the average construction project. No wonder it is a struggle for most construction companies to fulfil the promise of efficient and continuous collaboration. Digitalisation is the best way to future-proof your business and get ahead of your competition. Automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks will enable your colleagues to work more efficiently. They can then focus on the things they do best, instead of carrying out simple administrative tasks.

4. The cloud is the future. Today, but even more so next year

Cloud-based software will continue to dominate the world in 2022. The cloud enables your colleagues to access important data wherever they are and whenever they want. This includes tenders, construction plans and contact details of construction specialists who still need to be contacted. Cloud technology centralises important information and enables you to access your files wherever and whenever you like and to keep in contact with one another. Companies that have already made the switch to working in the cloud or are planning to do so soon can already reap the benefits of the new developments available in 2022.

Perhaps you have a nice filing cabinet, perfectly organised according to time and date. But what if something should happen to it or to the documents inside? Whether it is a fire, a burglar or just an accident with a cup of coffee, relying on a single copy of all your critical documents is not recommended. You should always have a digital backup of everything. The cloud provides a simple, secure way to save and share your documents.

The number one concern of cloud services is to prevent third parties getting access to your data. The measures taken by Nasdaq-listed companies to protect your data usually go far beyond those that you would take yourself. And did you know that most cases of data theft occur internally, by a company’s own employees? A study carried out by RapidScale shows that 94% of surveyed companies had more data protection after they switched to the cloud.

5. Save time and money by streamlining key processes

Digitalise your business, research what suits your working method and make sure you are one of the market leaders of digitalisation in the construction industry. 12Build offers your company a tender platform that enables you to find construction specialists based on quality and expertise. Submit invitations to tender directly to multiple construction specialists for each component of work and remain informed by means of a handy overview of which construction specialists have already submitted a quote and which are not intending to do so. This means you will no longer have to chase after those specialists who have yet to submit a quote.
12Build also enables you to specify your preferred construction specialists, so that you always have your regular partners at hand in a single convenient overview, arranged by component of work.
Another advantage of our platform is the forwarding matrix. Forget about WeTransfer and disorganised e-mail exchanges, because now you can send all important documents to construction specialists in one go. Simply select the specific documents and specialists and send everything at once.

Two reasons for main contractors not to digitalise are costs and time involved. With 12Build, we guarantee that costing, procurement and planning are able to work immediately and at ease after just three hours training. Main contractors also benefit from a significantly improved ROI (return on investment) from day one. In all the projects we have worked on over the years, we have witnessed savings of between €10,000 and €300,000 per year.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to find out more about what 12Build can do for main contractors, simply fill in your details in the contact form below and we will get in touch to discuss it in more detail.

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