How to benefit most from working in the cloud

You probably already know what the cloud can do for your company in a post-coronavirus world. You might have already informed your colleagues how you intend to do this. So why is it taking so long to move completely to the cloud? After all, you have been talking about it for years, and since Covid-19 only more so.

A cloud storage system uses a data server that is connected to the internet. A user sends files to the server, where these files are then stored. The cloud provides access to your important documents wherever you are and whenever you want them.

Here are four tips to help you make effective use of the cloud.

Make sure all your colleagues are working in the same cloud

For working effectively and quickly in the cloud, employers need to determine the type of support they need to help the organisation get on. To achieve this, you can introduce a sustainable financing model to identify the investments needed for working completely online. You could also develop a new business model for leveraging enterprise technology that uses the cloud for speed, flexibility and efficient scalability. Or you could look to attracting and retaining new, technology-savvy talent. Together, these three courses of action will help the management team to unite behind a working method. Without this perspective, your company is likely to evolve too slowly to embrace the benefits of the ‘new normal’ brought by cloud computing and this could mean you lose out to your competition.

Sufficient cloud storage is very important

You know the situation: having to send multiple WeTransfer uploads because of the limits imposed. The cloud offers a solution for this, but it too can set limits. Whether you work with Dropbox, Google Drive or 12Build, it is important to ensure you have sufficient storage for all your vital files. Take Google Drive as an example: the maximum number of items in a shared Drive is 400,000. That includes files and directories. Files AND directories. Google even writes that “shared Drive users with too many files may have problems organising and finding items or ignore much of the content”. Individual Drive users can upload 750 GB per day. For two euros per month you have access to 100 GB of storage space. If this is not enough, you have the option to purchase 1 TB of storage space for 10 euros per month, or as much as 10 TB for 100 euros per month. It is therefore more expensive than, for example, the Microsoft alternative, but it is all integrated with your Google account.

Working in the cloud with 12Build enables you to maintain control over the entire construction process, wherever you are and whenever you like. If you want to access the construction blueprints of ten years ago, you will find them neatly filed and easily retrieved from our cloud. 12Build does not limit the number or size of the files. Upload as many files as you like and share them directly with construction specialists. You will pay nothing extra for uploading more files.

Throw away your external hard drives

Would you like to create some more space on your desk? If you work in the cloud, you will no longer need that pile of external hard drives, CDs and folders. Working in the new environment often requires investment, but ultimately it is more efficient in the long run. This is especially the case for those companies which have not yet fully optimised their technological facilities.

You also work efficiently in the cloud with only the most recent files. No more duplicate documents in which everyone can make changes. In the cloud you and your colleagues work in the same document. Any changes you or your colleagues make are seen immediately.

Protect your data automatically

Reliability of the cloud is mainly due to the stability of the systems that host your data and the availability of your data. Nobody wants to store data on a system that is prone to failure. Even though that is what you have being doing for years on your own computer or external hard drives. All critical components of a cloud-based system, such as the power supply, have backups. Data is usually stored on at least three different hard drives. The data is also dissected, with each piece coded and distributed across drives.

The number one concern of cloud services is to prevent third parties getting access to your data. The measures taken by Nasdaq-listed companies to protect your data usually go far beyond the measures you would take yourself. And did you know that most cases of data theft occur internally, by a company’s own employees? A study carried out by RapidScale shows that 94% of surveyed companies had more data protection after they switched to the cloud. The main reason for this added protection? Encryption. This makes it much more difficult for third parties to gain access to your data.

Still not fully reassured? You can also take measures yourself to protect your data in the cloud, for example with authentication. This means that in addition to logging in with a user name and password to gain access to your data, you must also enter a code that you receive on your phone. A strong password is of course a first necessity. After all, it is the first thing that hackers try to decipher.

12Build offers additional security options for your files. This is useful, for example, if you want to carry out a project for the Ministry of Defence. In that case, the construction specialist must first sign a confidentiality agreement before being able to access the project data and download documents.


At 12Build we also work in the cloud. 12Build hosts its application with AWS Amazon Web Services, the global leader in hosting services. All the data is stored in Frankfurt, Germany. By using redundant services (the duplication of critical components to prevent failure), we offer a scalable platform-as-a-service solution. In short, this configuration ensures the necessary stability in service provision and security in data preservation. It also means we can quickly expand the capacity if and when the need arises so that the accessibility and speed of the application remain assured.

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