The cloud is a part of your future. And this is why

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The cloud. This term floats around a lot. Do you know exactly what the cloud is and what it can do for you? In today’s world, the cloud is here to stay, but for some people it still raises questions. Where are my files?  And, “Is it safe”?

The cloud is a collective term for online environments where data is stored and shared. Consequently you work mainly on the internet and no longer exclusively on your own computer or network. Cloud solutions are a safe way to store your files and you can access this important business information anytime, anywhere.

12Build is such a cloud solution. With 12Build, important data is never lost again. All the files and data you need for your project are conveniently and securely stored on our platform. Your computer crashes? No worries, all your files are encrypted online. You can simply access them with another computer, but only with your personal password. Just like your e-mail.

Is it safe? 

The short answer is “yes”. The long one: Saving files in the cloud is very safe, because the documents are stored in it and will not be lost. A big advantage of working in the cloud is that you won’t lose files with important data, even if you forget to save a document or if your laptop crashes or freezes. With a good cloud solution, the servers storing your data are in superb and high-security data centers – equipped with state-of-the-art technology, but also 24-hour access control by trained security guards and the necessary automation.


12Build provides you and your employees with a software platform that is tremendously secure for all your important company data. All documents and files are stored in a safe environment in Frankfurt (Amazon Web Service) where you can access them anytime, anywhere. 

In addition, all the different parties of a project work in the 12Build platform. You won’t lose important contact details or endlessly search for email addresses. 12Build saves you that precious time and provides an efficient and well organized working environment in the cloud. 

The advantages of the cloud 

No loss of important data in worst case scenarios

Imagine that your company is broken into or there is a fire. If you and your staff work in the cloud, no files are stored locally in your office and none will be lost in serious cases like fire or burglary.

The files are accessible from any device

Another great advantage of working in the cloud is that all files are available from any device. Unexpectedly working from home? With your login details you can view and work with the files you need anytime, anywhere. Important detail: only you and any employees you have authorized can access your data environment.

All your files are neatly organised

You and your colleagues all work in different files and documents. Where does everyone save and store their files, on their own laptop instead of the cloud? In that case you run into the problem that the right file or the latest version cannot be accessed. Emailing files back and forth is a complicated, time-consuming solution. An easy and convenient solution is working in the cloud because files are stored online. If a colleague adds anything to your document, the changes are immediately visible in a shared document in the cloud and everybody automatically works with the most recent version. 

You increase productivity

A digital workplace makes employees more productive. That’s because the cloud is easy to customize to the employees’ preferences. Your colleagues design their online work environment to best meet their needs. Autonomous decisions like these give them a sense of freedom. In addition, sharing information becomes very easy, and that saves valuable time.

No maintenance 

Maintaining software licenses is an annual and time consuming task if you do not happen to have the needed expertise in-house. Often updates have to be done manually and cost plenty of effort and time. The advantage of working in the cloud is that you don’t have to spend time on maintenance. At 12Build, the online software is automatically updated for you. This way you don’t need to worry about it and can focus on other things, like maintaining customer relations or coordinating projects. 

The complete package 

At 12Build, we offer you the complete package. With 12Build Matchmaker, you’ll find the perfect construction specialists by work item for your project. The construction specialists you send an offer request to only see the documents they need for their field of expertise. This way you provide an overview not only for yourself and your colleagues, but everybody involved. 

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Tiffany Frasa

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