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The 12Build database contains more than 2.3 million European construction specialists. We did not enter them all manually: we get help from main contractors and the construction specialists themselves. Construction specialists optimise their profiles to ensure they are found by main contractors, and main contractors add construction specialists they want to collaborate with. It is a win-win situation. 

However, our database does not only contain the names and contact details of our customers. At 12Build, we employ database specialists who check the database every day, implement changes and improve it. 12Build has a Data department and a Customer Success department, which together contribute to the success of the database. Our Customer Success colleagues are on the phone to our customers every day, busy optimising the business profiles of construction specialists. That is not only beneficial for the construction specialists who want to attract the attention of main contractors, but also for the main contractors who want to make the best choice for a construction partner.

A poorly structured database has many disadvantages: it is not clearly organised, it takes a lot of time to find what or who you are looking for and your choices are often hampered by not having all the information at hand. The 12Build database ensures that you know where you stand on the basis of data provided by us. Would you like to have insight into the financial health of a construction specialist? Or see reference projects from construction specialists? Do you need a specific certificate or quality label for a complex project? The 12Build database helps you to make the best choice.

Main contractors find the best match

Main contractors work with Matchmaker to find the best partner for a construction project. They expand the database themselves with data from their preferred construction specialists. This is actually how 12Build started: with the database of Nieuwenhuis Bouwbedrijf. A small database with only a few hundred names, addresses and phone numbers that grew year by year.

Main contractors also have the option with Matchmaker of supplementing data in the profiles of construction specialists. This includes information such as specialisations and e-mail addresses.

Changes to the database often reach our data agents via main contractors. These can be requests to remove duplicate entries of construction specialists from the database or incorrect specialisations, or to rectify incorrect e-mail addresses.

The match that 12Build then helps to make between the main contractor and construction specialist is achieved by applying more than 20 filters. Main contractors can apply database filters on the basis of component of work, specific sector, certification, quality labels, distance to work, intention to submit a quote and numerous other criteria. So no more searching through filing cabinets for phone numbers and e-mail addresses or searching the internet for a suitable construction specialist. We have all the specifications you want to know about construction specialists in each component of work at the click of a button. We are the B2B dating site for the construction industry.

Subscribing construction specialists top the search results

12Build offers construction specialists three options for their company profile. The first option is a free profile. With this profile, construction specialists can only be found by their company name. This, of course, has only a relatively limited success. That is why many construction specialists decide to take the following step: an Activator subscription.

An Activator subscription enables construction specialists to ‘activate’ the profile and main contractors to see who they are and what they do. Specialisations, logo and name and address details are visible with Activator to more than 800 main contractors in Europe.

If construction specialists would like to take a further step, we offer them a Promoter subscription. This subscription works basically the same as Google ads: construction specialists pay to be ranked higher in the search results for their specialisation and field of work. Without a Promoter subscription, construction specialists are ranked the same as all other Activator subscription holders or those without a subscription. Construction specialists with a Promoter subscription, however, are provided with a podium that results in more invitations to tender: on average 12 times more than construction specialists without Promoter.

12Build interfaces 

12Build not only has partnerships with main contractors and construction specialists, but also with companies that complement our platform to make working for the construction industry easier. For example, we have imported the data from public trade registers, such as the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Belgian Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, into our own database to validate company details of construction specialists and for additional information. But we do much more to make it as easy as possible for you.

Financial health and bankruptcies

12Build has an interface with Creditsafe and Graydon. These companies offer 12Build customers the possibility of finding out more than just a credit ranking. In Matchmaker main contractors can, for example, request an extensive report on a construction specialist. Creditsafe and Graydon provide insight into the financial health of construction specialists, so that healthy collaborations are forged between main contractors and construction specialists. The lower the ranking, the more risk you run as a main contractor. This is immediately visible to main contractors when they search in our extensive database.

Our database consists solely of information about active construction specialists, so that main contractors avoid sending invitations to tender to construction specialists that no longer exist or have gone bankrupt. That is something that could cost main contractors money, which is what we are all keen to avoid. It is why we have an interface with Rechtspraak (NL) and Creditsafe (NL, BE, DE), which register bankruptcies and dissolutions in our database.

Quality features

12Build provides a stage for promoting quality, expertise and track record. That is why our database enables you to filter on certification, for example.

  • KOMO is the leading specialist in objectively determining the quality of products, realisation processes, services and people in the housing, infrastructure, hydraulics and utilities sectors. Certificates are uploaded to 12Build daily and attached to the construction specialists in question.
  • TÜV Nederland (SCC, ISO) is a certification body that issues, among other things, SCC and ISO certificates to construction specialists. This data is updated quarterly in 12Build.

12Build is also building an interface with SSVV to validate SSC certificates in real time and with NEN to provide insight into Safety Culture Ladder-certified companies.

Your work could be easier

All these interfaces, subscriptions and colleagues are available to save you time in searching for suitable construction specialists for a project. If you are not yet working with 12Build, but have had your curiosity or enthusiasm aroused while reading this blog, simply fill in your details and we will get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities.

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