Why construction specialists must start with the cloud

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Have you also ever squandered time trying to track down the right files? And do you also see it as a chore to start a project if you have to plough through piles of documents? Getting a project off to a good start is essential for promoting motivation in the work and delivering successful results. Most construction specialists, however, still use time-consuming, laborious practices that are a drain on their motivation. Progressive companies are switching over to technological solutions that reduce the risk of errors and help speed up completing project initiation. They do this in the cloud.

If you use the cloud, you will have access to your data and files wherever you are. And whenever you want them. This also applies to everyone you have given access to in the cloud. This means you never have to wait until the end of the day before you let a colleague have the files. This colleague always has access to the same files as you from the very beginning. And if the colleague does not currently have access, you can solve that with just a click of a button.

Collaborate better in the cloud

The cloud enables more people to work on one file, creating a single accurate and reliable source. No more sending e-mails back and forth with new information. No more WeTransfer uploads and downloads of new files. Just a single online location where everyone can find what they are looking for. Automatic synchronisation ensures that data is kept up to date. And automatic saving of files ensures there are no delays in the work.

This is essential if you want everyone to collaborate and avoid creating more work by maintaining different versions of the same file. It also means that new drawings and documents provided by the main contractor can be shared easily with everyone working for a subcontractor. Cloud technology makes collaboration easy and intuitive for all team members and stakeholders. If you work with 12Build, the main contractor will upload the files that are relevant to you as a construction specialist. You determine which files are important to you. No overfull hard drives any more, no unclear WeTransfer downloads and no expired links. With 12Build, the important files are always stored at a central location in the cloud.

Software that is easy to use and to manage

Cloud software does not need to be managed. Functional updates are carried out automatically without the need to download licences or software. Cloud-based products are always up to date and ready for use.

Cloud storage is much more secure than you think. You send your data via a secure connection to an extremely secure data centre, where multiple copies of your data are stored. The possibility of your data getting lost, deleted or stolen is zero. The probability that something happens to your internal or external hard drives at home or at work is many times greater.

The cloud opens the door to closer collaboration, helps every estimator to work more effectively and eliminates the headaches caused by using licence-based tools. Large numbers of subcontractors are turning to cloud technology to help them get going faster and easier than ever before.

You save money if you work in the cloud

How many external hard drives do you have in your office? How many USB drives? How many CDs? How many piles of paper? It all costs lots of money. Money you can save when you start working in the cloud. You pay a small amount of monthly subscription costs for a system that is more secure and less crash prone. And you only pay for the storage space you really need.

If you are working with the cloud of 12Build, it will cost you nothing. As a construction specialist you can always access the files you receive for an invitation to tender from a main contractor.

You have an edge over your competition

Switching to the cloud gives everyone access to enterprise-level technology and as a result boosts competition, even for smaller companies. About 70% of the organisations indicated that choosing cloud technology has given them a significant competitive advantage or will do so in the short term.

No restrictions on where and when you can work

Working from home? No problem. Cloud computing means that all you need is an internet connection to access the cloud. And therefore your work. And the result? Companies can offer their employees more flexibility, so that they can enjoy the work-life balance that suits them. An international study from 2017 carried out among 20,000 senior managers and business owners found that more than 50% of their employees work somewhere else than in the office for at least half of their working week.


At 12Build we also work in the cloud. 12Build hosts its application with AWS Amazon Web Services, the global leader in hosting services. All the data is stored in Frankfurt, Germany. By using redundant services (the duplication of critical components to prevent failure), we offer a scalable platform-as-a-service solution. In short, this configuration ensures the necessary stability in service provision and security in data preservation. It also means we can quickly expand the capacity if and when the need arises so that the accessibility and speed of the application remain assured.

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