This disclaimer applies to the use of (parts of) www.12build.com (hereinafter Website) by the visitor.

Purpose and Use Website

This Website is intended to let the visitor know about 12Build. Through this website, the visitor is given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the products and services of 12Build as well as to obtain information regarding the organization of 12Build and its activities.

The visitor of this Website is only authorized (parts of) this Website, the contents of this Website or the information that may be obtained through this Website for use by itself and not for commercial purposes.

Rights on (parts) Website

12Build is the trademark of 12Build Secure BV in Nijverdal. The visitor of this Website is not allowed to use the name and / or logo of 12Build in any manner, for any purpose, for any purpose other than insofar as this is directly related to the calling and consulting of this website.

The Rights relating to (all parts of) this Website – including formatting, imagery, text, photographs, etc. – and all publications that may be made known by or through this Website – including Including brochures, articles, newsletters, etc., only rests with 12Build, insofar as those rights are not (also) sent to third parties. It is not the visitor of this Web Site, without the prior written permission of 12Build, to not (or part of) this Website or Publications to reproduce or edit in any form, for any purpose. The visitor of this Website is only authorized (parts of) this Website and publications for use by itself and not for commercial purposes.

Character Website

This Website has only an informative character. This Website does not constitute an offer of 12Build to perform any work for the visitor of this Website. Nor does the call and consultation of this Website constitute an assignment to 12Build to carry out activities for the benefit of the visitor of this Website. The content of this Website as well as the information obtained through this Website can not therefore be considered as providing services to the visitor of this Website. In addition, on all 12Build tenders and all orders given to 12Build, only the General Terms and Conditions applied by 12Build apply, which are deposited with the Chamber of Commerce for East Netherlands in Enschede and are sent free of charge upon request.

Content Website

12Build strives to maintain and update this Website continuously, but it can not guarantee that the content of (or parts of) this Website, as soon as or when this Website is consulted, is still correct, complete or up to date . The materials offered on this website are offered without any warranty or claim for accuracy, and 12Build accepts no responsibility for the consequences of action or omission based on the content of this Website.

The information obtained through this Website is of a generic nature and does not focus on the specific situation of the visitor of this Website, so 12Build accepts no liability for the consequences of act or omission on the basis of the aforementioned information. It is therefore advisable to contact a 12Build employee in the event that the information obtained through this website is used.

Operation Website

12Build aims to keep (all parts of) this Website constantly accessible but can not guarantee that this Website is accessible under all circumstances and at all times (in all its parts) so that 12Build accepts no liability for the consequences of Unable to visit (in a timely manner) or to not (fully) view this Website.

12Build does not affect the (tele- or datacommunication) resources and / or the (computer) systems through which access to this Website is sought or obtained so that 12Build accepts no liability for the consequences of any malfunctioning when visiting or Consult this Website or when submitting orders or sending applications through this Website.

This Web site includes links through which other websites may be visited and, conversely, this Website may be accessed through links contained in other websites. The websites that may be visited from this website or the websites from which this Website may be visited are not set by 12Build and are not maintained by 12Build, so 12Build is not responsible for the content of those websites.

12Build strives to keep this Website as free as possible, free of any harmful elements (viruses) for the operation of computer equipment or software, but it can not guarantee that this Website is entirely free from such elements, so 12Build accepts no liability. For the consequences of calling or consulting (parts of) this Website for the operation of computer equipment or software.

Use of this Website by the visitor that may interfere with the use of other (Internet) users, which may endanger the functioning of the Website is contrary to the good practices and / or information provided on or via this Website or Underlying software and data can be affected is not allowed. 12Build reserves the right to suspend or refuse access to certain visitors, without prejudice to the right of 12Build to claim compensation if applicable.

Data traffic via Website

This Website allows the visitor to subscribe to the 12Build e-mail newsletter, to order 12Build published brochures, to send a contact form and to apply for 12Build existing vacancies. 12Build, however, does not affect electronic data traffic between transmitting equipment and receiving equipment so that the provision of the required data through this Website is at the risk of the relevant visitor. Under circumstances, it is advisable to send the order or application form (with attachments) included in this Website by fax or postal mail.

Login 12Build

If a visitor logs in to 12Build.com then the specific disclaimers, privacy statements and cookie statements of the chosen online solution (s) will apply accordingly. We strongly advise you to take note of these specific requirements.

Privacy-sensitive data / Cookies and Tracking

By using our Website, a visitor leaves certain information. That can be personal information. 12Build processes this personal information and uses cookies and similar technologies to continually improve the Website and better match the needs of visitors. In addition, 12Build attaches great importance to the privacy of its customers and visitors. 12Build wants to be clear about the data that is collected so that customers and visitors can make informed decisions about how their data can be used. Please read the 12Build Privacy Statement and Cookie Statement.


12Build reserves the right to modify the information provided on or through this Website, including the text of this disclaimer, from time to time. When we make changes, we will review the “release date” listed at the top of this page. It is recommended periodically to check whether the information provided on or via this website, including the text of this disclaimer, has been changed.

Questions and tips

12Build appreciates if any defects on the Website are reported. These can be submitted as well as suggestions for improvement and questions about our services via support@12Build.com or by letter to 12Build, Ernst Machstraat 10, 7442 DL Nijverdal.

Applicable law

On this website and the disclaimer, only Dutch law applies. This disclaimer also coincides with drivers and employees of 12Build. All disputes arising out of or in connection with this disclaimer will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in Almelo.

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