Staff association De Geitenbreiers

At 12Build the culture, the team, the working atmosphere and DNA of the employees is very important and we assume that everyone who works at 12Build finds this important. The aim is therefore to strengthen the solidarity within 12Build and to promote good relations among the members.
pv 12build - Geitenbreiers
teamfoto - Geitenbreiers

At present, only current employees can become members of the staff association. At the moment there are more than 40 members.

Why the name Geitenbreiers?
Have you ever logged into your 12Build environment? Then you recognize him; the Handy goat from 12Build. At the Handiggeit you will find the manuals and how-to videos about our cloud solutions. In addition, videos of goats regularly appear in the 12Build Slack. Because let’s face it, cat movies are passé.

Where will this income be spent on? Simple, on gifts for ourselves.

Oh, and treats, birthdays and team outings. For example, a gift and a card are donated during a wedding. At the birth of a child, the proud parents receive a 12Build-romper and a voucher. At Anniversary of 12Build we donate something beautiful in the building. At anniversaries of the staff you receive a bunch of flowers and dinner vouchers etc. We also organize trips and activities for our members.

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