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In October 2009, was launched as the first online plot and repro service for documents, drawings, and posters. The company is characterized by an informal no-nonsense culture with a focus on people. Ltd is a sister company of 12Build.


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OpenCompanies, an initiative of business information specialist Graydon, is a start-up with an open culture. The objective is to provide entrepreneurs with insight into current and future business connections. This involves insights into the reputation as well as financial and commercial information from companies. These insights are generated by Graydon?s database as well as from the information that entrepreneurs share through the platform.


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Creditsafe is the most widely used credit information supplier in the world. The up-to-date information that is immediately available online 24/7 always provides you with the right information about your clients and suppliers. With a wide product range, varying from credit reports to data integration and update subscriptions, Creditsafe offers solutions for both very small and very large companies.


logo bouwregister - Partners
Construction register is a social portfolio for the entire construction industry in which construction parties manage projects together. By doing things this way, the project will be complete, and you will only have to look in one place to retrieve or supplement data.


compassion foto 1024x518 - Partners
?Our team has its heart in freeing children from poverty to an increasingly greater extent.? Erik Nieuwenhuis is the director of 12Build and is connected to Compassion with his company. ?It is special to jointly realize how much you can mean while giving a relatively small effort (writing) and contribution (money). Of course, it is very valuable and cool to build a company together and make money, but how cool is it to free children from poverty and make deposits on each other?s ?emotional bank accounts? from this success?
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