Construction Cost Estimators

As a cost estimator, you want to be able to check off all elements of the construction process efficiently. You need to calculate everything effectively, as well as find the right parties for all areas of expertise. 12Build Matchmaker helps you with the latter. So you have more time to devote to cost estimation.
The benefits of 12Build
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Work more efficiently, communicate more effectively
Pre-selection of the right construction specialists is essential for being awarded tenders. Effective communication between all parties is essential for successful completion of projects. 12Build helps you in both respects with handy tools that enable you to work more efficiently.

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Save time and money
Utilise our solutions and you save time and money and you have improved oversight of the whole process from pre-selection to completion. The efficiency you achieve makes your whole company better. Once you switch, you will never go back.

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Even if you do not participate in many tenders
Particularly for construction cost calculators who are selective about the number of tenders in which they participate, 12Build can offer added value. Just from the time our solutions save you, you recoup your investment. In addition, you can select construction specialists, collaborate with them and evaluate them.

This is how we unburden cost estimators
Save time with our solutions
All the solutions 12Build has to offer save you time. Whether you use one or all of them, you can recoup your investment very quickly. Join us in building the best online construction community in Europe!
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