I want to link my software

We have already built these links:

IMS Digioffice

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Main contractors can take over project data and documents in IMS Digioffice from 12Build.

Navision 4PS

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Take project data, purchase actions and documents as a main contractor from Navision 4PS.

Sharepoint (Organize)

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Sync as main contractor the documents between 12Build and Organize.


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Both main contractors and construction specialists can use IBIS Trad to take over workpieces, quantities and budgets.

Single Sign-On Microsoft

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If you use Microsoft Azure as an organization, you can log in to 12Build with Single Sign-On.

If you use In2CRM as a construction specialist, you can easily take over project and NAW data.

Main contractors can select building specialists on KOMO certificates and guidelines in the match maker.

Main contractors can select wood specialists on the PEFC certificate in the match maker.

Main contractors can select wood specialists on the FSC certificate in the match maker.

In the match maker, main contractors can select installation specialists on QBISnl and the corresponding quality marks from the installation sector.

Import and export opportunities

The following import and export options allow you to take over the parts, amounts and budgets from and to other systems.




We are busy building the following links:


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This allows you to take over project data, purchase actions and documents from Bouwvision as a main contractor.

You will soon be the main contractor, project data, purchase actions and documents. Take over from Tap.

Vico Office

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Take full work packages from Vico Office as a contractor.

Is not your software included here ?:

The most important links are already mentioned. But of course there are many more programs that you can work with. Is not that yours? Then use our API or contact us, we will build the link for you.

Availability open API

We have built an open API for both main contractors and construction specialists. This means that the software you use always can be linked with 12Build.

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