Connect your building software package with 12Build

IMS Digioffice

Main contractors can take over project data and documents from 12Build in IMS Digioffice.

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Navision 4PS

This ERP system is an innovative and integrated software solution that supports all primary business processes.

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Sharepoint (Organize)

For storing, organizing, sharing and accessing information from any device. Fast access to and from files in 12Build.

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Een veelgebruikt programma onder aannemers voor het maken van aanbestedingsbegrotingen voor B&U en GWW-projecten.

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Single Sign-On

Thanks to Single Sign-On (SSO), you only register once and switch quickly and safely between different programs.

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Veranderingen in In2CRM - een populair CRM voor de bouwtoelevering - worden automatisch verwerkt in 12Build - en andersom.

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All documents and structures in this widely used project and document management platform are automatically transferred to 12Build.

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All changes in this business software solution - suitable for front office and back office processes - are automatically and immediately implemented in 12Build.

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Open API


At 12Build we use the OpenAPI Specification (OAS). This interface is Open Source and we are always open to new collaborations. Do you want to connect your software package with our cloud solution? Then contact us!

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Link your own software

Collaborate with 12Build

'We already knew you as an enthusiastic club, but when we discussed the possibility of a SharePoint and Autodesk integration with you, the roof really went off. We really worked on a solution together. ”

-- Gert-Jan Ditsel, BIM-manager at Dura Vermeer

Couplings under construction

12Build is linked to all software components of AFAS. Changes in 12Build are automatically processed in AFAS - and vice versa.

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12Build works seamlessly with all software products from KRAAN, a well-known software supplier in the construction sector.

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Make direct use of Construsoft's BIM viewer in 12Build - even if you don't have a license for this application.

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Is your favorite software package not yet listed? Or are you a software developer and do you want to link your software package with 12Build? Please feel free to contact us using the contact form below.