BREMER is one of the leading companies in Germany when it comes to turnkey construction using prefabricated reinforced concrete elements. The company's portfolio includes office buildings, furniture stores, cold-storage facilities, production sites and supermarkets. Before BREMER partnered with 12Build, it used to spend a ton of time on the search for and communication with (new) construction specialists. Likewise, properly managing everything - e.g. tracking what parties had already submitted their offer - was a time-consuming process. With 12Build, the company has managed to save a ton of time. In this article, you can read more about how this result was achieved.

Many manual operations and a lack of overview

Prior to working with 12Build, BREMER's situation was completely different. For example, the company used standard search engines to look for new construction specialists. This method had some serious limitations. After all, what is the best way to find a suitable candidate quickly via Google? How can you effectively separate the wheat from the chaff with a standard search engine?

After an extensive search, the construction specialists in question were contacted via email. This was done individually, which meant every email address and every salutation had to be typed by hand. Once the copying, pasting and typing was done, the emails were sent one at a time. It was hard to monitor what happened to the messages afterwards. For example, it was unclear whether the emails had actually reached the recipients’ inbox and whether they had read the message.

Transitioning to an automated work process

At BREMER, they are always looking for intelligent solutions with which to further improve their work process. The partnership with 12Build was born out of this. 12Build's cloud solution makes it clear at a glance who has submitted an offer (and who hasn't). BREMER's communication has become far more efficient and the company no longer has to rely on error-prone overviews made in Excel.

Many of the activities that used to be conducted by hand, e.g. searching for and communicating with (new) construction specialists, have been largely or even fully automated. Instead of using Google to look for new construction specialists, the company can access a database that contains millions of potential candidates. The extensive filter options make finding the right candidate a piece of cake. With 12Build, messages can be sent to the right construction specialist with just a few clicks, while the intelligent email templates ensure that all emails are properly personalised.

Lastly, the company now has clear insight into the status of its projects. Contrary to using an Excel file and updating it by hand, 12Build actually thinks along with you. For example, it provides real-time insight into who has responded to an email and what parties have submitted their offer. The user-friendly interface allows construction specialists to indicate whether they want to submit an offer (or not) in the email itself.

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Posted on 06/23/2020 by: 12Build


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