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Arthur Arends (ENGIE)

In the “12Build according to...” series, we talk to our clients about their experiences with 12Build. The inspiration for the first article in this new series was the 2.000.000th request for proposal sent via 12Build, a milestone that was reached in April of 2020. Here to do the honours: ENGIE Services, market leader in the technical services sector. We spoke with Arthur Arends, senior Cost Engineer at ENGIE West in Zaandam.

Limited risk factors

“For us, 12Build is particularly useful during the tender phase of (major) projects,” Arthur explains. “We see your cloud solution as the ultimate process optimisation tool, which allows us to save a ton of time. For example, the process of managing and sending all requisite proposal documentation (specifications, drawings, invoices and emails) is much faster, because we can process them in a very clear manner via 12Build. Since 12Build lets everyone in our organisation work in the same system and use the same standard protocols, both the communication with our suppliers and our internal communication have become far more efficient. We can now send out better proposals in less time, which limits the risk factors involved.”

Clear document management

Arthur once began his career as a designer, although he has worked in the calculation department for more than twenty years now. He laughs when we ask him what has changed about his job in recent years. “A lot! When I first started, we would still send all work documents via regular mail. Boxes full of documentation passed through our mail room on their way to our suppliers. Later, these documents were sent via CDs and DVDs. Then came the internet, which really turned everything on its head.” What has remained the same, then? “Good overview! Given the speed at which we exchange files these days, that is perhaps more important than ever. Luckily, 12Build makes it easy to organise all tender documentation for a specific project. I can find the right drawing or email in just a few moments. With your submission matrix, I can send the right documents to the right (groups of) suppliers with just a few clicks. That saves them time as well: because I can send them exactly the right tender documents, they no longer need to wade through vast quantities of documentation.”

Improved communication

Arthur is also very satisfied with the communication options that 12Build offers. “For example, supplier can indicate in our requests for proposal whether they will send us their proposal. I can see their replies in my own overview, which eliminates the need to send countless emails back and forth about every tender. Sending reminders and following up on tenders has also been made much easier and faster. For example, our purchasing department uses standard templates to send out standard purchase and project conditions. Some parts of the message are customised with the supplier's information, so the correspondence still has a personal touch. Furthermore, I can see exactly when to expect a proposal and what files have been downloaded, so there is never any confusion about that. These may sound like small issues, but taken together, they save us a ton of time. It also means I have a complete overview at all time.”

Since all tender documents can be found in a single central location, Arthur's colleagues can always access the information that is relevant to them, depending on their role in the project. “We can specify each colleague's level of authorisation, so everyone always knows what they need to know.” This means the internal communication between ENGIE's departments, such as the purchasing and implementation departments, also benefits from the use of a single platform. “We now have a single uniform method and standard protocols per team or per role. Think of e.g. the transition from the purchasing process to the implementation. With 12Build, all correspondence is visible immediately and reports can be generated instantly.”

Excellent support

When asked if there are any downsides to using 12Build, Arthur replies: “Not really, although it may take a while before you have fully mastered the software and all its functionalities. The fact that you were there from the very beginning to show us how everything works made a huge difference. It still does: if I have trouble finding the right button, you are just a phone call away. I want to give my sincere thanks to the people in your support department!”

Posted on 04/30/2020 by: 12Build


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