Your benefits with Co-creator

Convenience and oversight

You can easily transfer files and communications from the tendering phase to 12Build Co-creator. That way, you can continue working on the project with the selected construction specialists immediately. You always retain oversight and can view the current status any time. Actually, it does everything itself, just the way you like it.

Perfect for the standard user

12Build Co-creator has been designed to be very lean and clean, especially for the 80% of the market that can work more efficiently thanks to better teamwork. The system is ideally suited to the standard user, rather than the 20% who require customisation. It contains the most frequently used elements, because that is sufficient for most companies.

Always the most current version

Are you familiar with the frustration of working on different versions of documents, which causes much time to be lost due to comparing amendments? That problem is a thing of the past thanks to 12Build Co-creator. Everyone always works from the most current version and communication, such as notifications, takes place automatically.

Sharing the right files with each participant

Naturally, not everyone needs access to every file. You decide that very simply with 12Build Co-creator. You indicate who may see and amend each folder and document. Meanwhile, you retain oversight as the controller.

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Opt for efficiency and oversight

Surely you also want to work together effortlessly with your co-creators to deliver the project as efficiently as possible? Then use 12Build Co-creator, the efficient document management system. By retaining oversight, you avoid quality costs and you can recoup your investment in no time!


  • Document Management Systeem for the construction industry
  • Convenience and oversight
  • Always the most current version
  • Choose for efficiency

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