The advantages of 12Build Evaluator

Accessible system

Your quality is worth gold. Especially when it comes to construction projects. But your quality is closely linked to the quality of your suppliers and construction specialists. Thanks to this low-threshold system, we provide more insight into the quality of the companies within the sector. Moreover, in the future you will see very quickly whether a construction specialist has met your quality requirements the previous time. This prevents failure costs.

Quick and easy evaluation

There is a free version of the evaluation system that everyone can use. However, a more detailed version is also available. It comprises a questionnaire you can formulate yourself, so that it is best suited to your company and your needs in terms of quality evaluation. It includes a handy dashboard with reports that ensure you always have oversight.

Both sides

Every story has two sides. That is why we always offer a supplier the opportunity to tell his side of the story when he receives an assessment. By using both sides and again, your quality will improve and grow. Transparent and open, so that the entire construction sector can grow.
Governance information

ISO certified

As an ISO-certified company you have to evaluate suppliers with which you work in the field of quality. Of course you want this to take as little time as possible. But you find it useful to place reviews with a view to future projects. We are happy to help you. Thanks to 12Build Evaluator you can evaluate quickly and effectively.

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This is how 12Build Evaluator works

Take advantage of the rating system that is linked to your own database of suppliers. Because you only choose good partners, you save failure costs and earn the investment back in no time!


  • Quick and easy evaluation
  • More view on quality
  • Understanding bottlenecks
  • Growing together

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