Your benefits with Matchmaker

Everything in one overview

Find out which requests have been received or when you can expect them, who has read your messages and which files have been viewed. View your work documents, including 3D models with the built-in BIM viewer, and send them to specific contacts or groups in a few clicks.

Use our extensive network

Are you (in addition to your regular parties) still looking for a suitable construction specialist for a specific work part? With Matchmaker you quickly filter through the contacts in our database. Search by relation, specialization, distance, willingness to calculate, certificates or hallmarks, history and more! This way you receive the best possible requests for quotation in the least possible time.

Work faster and more efficiently

Because every employee of your company works in the same environment, the knowledge stays where he needs to be and the transfer to other departments is quick and efficient. The construction specialists on the other hand also benefit from the 12Build Matchmaker. This way they can indicate directly in your message whether they will calculate for you.

Control over the process

Thanks to 12Build Matchmaker, you spend at least 25% less time requesting quotes from construction specialists. Your portfolio thus expands and pressure on the cost estimation department is reduced. An obvious win-win situation!

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This is how 12Build Matchmaker works

With 12Build Matchmaker you keep a grip on your construction projects. With our cloud solution you view and share relevant files, you keep project communication clear and you can easily find a suitable construction specialist for every work component.


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Choose more efficiency

Do you want to handle project administration and communication more easily? Would you like to find suitable construction specialists quickly? With 12Build Matchmaker

  • always keep an overview;
  • you work faster and more efficiently;
  • you benefit from knowledge building;
  • you work optimally with internal and external persons;
  • you can immediately use our extensive network.

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