Your advantages with Promoter

More visibility with the right target group

It is of great importance to be visible to main contractors when they choose building specialists for their building project. With Promoter we ensure that your organization is at the top of the search results, exactly when a main contractor searches for your expertise.

New relationships

Are you looking for new clients? With Promoter you become visible to all 642 main contractors who work within 12Build. They thus have the option to view your company profile. Your company profile will also be visible to all users of companies with which you have previously collaborated. This increases the chance that they will write to you! How hard is it nowadays to get in with new potential clients?

Relevant applications

Herkenbaar? Je hebt werk genoeg en krijgt aanvragen die niet of onvoldoende bij jouw organisatie aansluiten. Daar zit je niet op te wachten! Jij wilt alleen de krenten uit de pap. Met Promoter van 12Build krijgt jouw expertise een podium, alleen bij de projecten die jij wenst. Op deze manier ontvang jij enkel nog relevante offerte-aanvragen

From quantity to quality

You do not want to be selected on price. Your expertise and quality are worth money. But how do you communicate this to a main contractor who does not know your organization? We make your certificates, quality marks, BIM models, impressions, brochures, etc. visible in your extensive company profile. More importantly: you receive a visible Evaluator score, a score from main contractors with whom you have previously worked.

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Choose better visibility

You want to be found effortlessly in the project that is interesting for you? With 12Build Promoter you go for the most relevant match!


  • Prominent in the picture with relevant clients
  • Brand awareness / branding
  • More appropriate offer requests
  • Relevant data to better follow the market

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