Your advantages of Activator

Improve your visibility
Improve your visibility

Hundreds of main contractors send their requests via 12Build every day. With Activator you not only add a logo, profile text and other company details; there is also room for certificates, labels and other matters that distinguish your company from competitors. Thanks to Activator, you will be professionally positioned in the largest online database of European construction.

Use our large network
Expand your network

Take advantage of our extensive network of more than 600 main contractors. With Activator, your company profile is clearly visible to both new clients and people within the companies with whom you have previously worked. This way you can be sure that you are clearly visible to everyone.

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Choose a professional look

Do you want to become more visible to your clients? With 12Build Activator you can be sure that you get everything out of your network. Choose

  • a complete company profile;
  • professional appearance;
  • a larger network.

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