Your advantages with Activator

Focus on only the best projects.

Indicate where your expertise lies and ensure that you are found by contractors who have exactly the assignment for you. Enter your profile with quality marks, certificates and indicate which brands you are a dealer. Select the construction sector in which you prefer to be active, which user functions your projects may have and which activities they should not forget. Prove your added value by sharing your reference projects. This way, contractors can immediately see where you have already used your expertise. That way they come to you for the best projects.

Professional appearance of your organization.

Is someone looking for your organization? Then 12Build Activator shows a complete and professional company profile. With, among other things, your logo, a profile text and a link to your website. Complete your company profile with corporate videos, specializations (STABU, RAW), reference projects, certificates, hallmarks and dealer brands. With 12Build Activator, you will be able to professionally access the largest online database of European construction.

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Choose a professional look

You are not visible enough online. As a result, you receive the wrong request for quotation, which means that your margins are low, which means that you have no chance of growth.


  • Attract attention with your logo and description
  • Stand out from the rest
  • Branding your organization
  • Professional appearance of your organization

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