How the program works

The child sponsorship program allows us to free children from poverty through local churches. Discover how it works in a few minutes.


12Build & Compassion

12Build & Compassion have joined forces to jointly dedicate themselves to children in poverty in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is a country with two faces: it has beautiful beaches and luxury hotels, but also extreme poverty and young girls and boys who are forcced to work in the sex industry.

Every employee is linked to one sponsor child. We have a picture of this child, and a few times a year, the child writes us a letter, and we also write letters to the sponsor children. Because of this personal relationship, there is transparency on what the money is spent on. It means a lot to the children that we take the trouble to give them compliments. We see that it makes their confidence grow and their performance in school improve.

In February, we heard the story of Sudeshna Biwas, a former sponsor child from India. She told us how she escaped from poverty and now has a bright future ahead of her thanks to Compassion?s sponsor program. We were so impressed by the impact of sponsoring that we decided to set up another campaign to help even more children. We sincerely hope that you want to contribute your bit towards it. This allows us to jointly build the future of children in the Dominican Republic.

Erik Nieuwenhuis, director of 12Build

On behalf of all employees, I can say that we believe in long-term relationships - with our customers, with our employees, as well as in sponsoring. That is why Compassion?s approach really appeals to us. Along with Compassion, we, 12Build, believe that extreme poverty can be beaten. A lot has been accomplished over the past few years.

By investing in children in the long term, we can truly change lives. Being involved in this change feels good

Since 1990
  • Has the number of people who live in extreme poverty dropped with 700 million
  • Has the infant mortality rate dropped with 50% (0-5 years old)
  • Have the number of deaths dropped with 45% because of malaria
  • Are 8 million people receiving antiretroviral therapy against HIV