Dura Vermeer
Dura Vermeer Bouw Midden West BV & Dura Vermeer Bouw Hengelo BV - Sytse Wagenaar & Robert Even

12Build.com, the solution for the estimating departments of Dura Vermeer Construction and Real Estate. At Dura Vermeer, the customer is put first. To be able to provide our customers with maximum value at the lowest possible cost, we are constantly optimizing our processes. This is one of the reasons why the ?12Build.com? program fits us like a glove. The request is well-organized, and we have the current status of the number of quotations received at any time and any place. As we can carry out quotation requests in a fully digital way, the requests are sent out quickly. There is profit in sending on additional information, such as bills. The big advantage is that we do not have to print and send the information, incl. the address list. With one click, the information is immediately available to all parties. This has positive effects on the turnaround time as well as the environment. Of course, our partners are an important link in the process. Fortunately, they have also fully accepted working with this package digitally. And if we get stuck, there is always the help desk of ?12Build.com.? The responses are concrete and a solution is found quickly.

Director - Rob Rutten

A significant advantage for Draisma is the database of construction specialists that is used well and strengthens our competitive position. Our construction specialists respond quickly and positively to our requests, which leads me to say that Draisma is a satisfied customer.

Visser & Smit Bouw
Director - Gerard Steverink

Visser & Smit Construction sees the added value of 12Build. Besides the fact that it incurs a cost reduction for us, because we have lower postal and repro expenses, it saves us time. We make a more focused selection of our construction specialists in a simple way, and only those who are interested will make an offer. Both we and our construction specialists print less, and because of this, the advantages offered by 12Build fit well with our CorporateResponsibility policy that strives towards CO2 reduction and a sustainable use of materials.

Rikkert Afbouwgroep
Director - Arjen Jansen

12Build gives us, as a construction completion company, the opportunity to present ourselves to a broader target group. The delivery of documents occurs in a fully digital way, but hard copy orders can be made in a simple manner. This internet portal fits perfectly into the current age of cost-efficient and process-based working.

Purchaser - Marcel Egberink

As a purchaser, I like the package in the sense that I have an overview of all requests of the projects. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly important to keep accurate records of the documents that a construction specialist or supplier received. With one press of a button, I can see which documents we provided and what they downloaded. So it is no longer necessary to search files or all sorts of places for the documents that were sent.

Calculator - Martijn Roeterink

I can find construction specialists in the vicinity of the work in a simple manner, and I can arrange the forwarding of requests to new construction specialists within a minute. Additionally, the transfer to work preparation is perfect.

Gubbens Bouwadvies
Estimating office - Edwin Cordes

Working with 12Build takes a lot of non-estimating work off my hands. The overview is fine, as is the option to send a mailing quickly and easily. The database of construction specialists also gives us the opportunity to properly explore the market. Gubbens works in a more competitive way because we gain time with this application. For us, it is a solution.


Some of our satisfied customers