The benefits of 12Build

Better visibility in the market

The main contractor wants to select the right construction specialists to receive tenders. Make sure you are visible to them in the right way. 12Build helps you further, because we can be found in the largest building database in Europe. Based on your specialism you will be better found by relevant clients.

Increased turnover thanks to higher placements

As main contractors you can find better as a specialist through 12Build Matchmaker, you get better suited assignments than if you remain unknown. Via 12Build Promoter you can take it a step further by bringing your distinctive character to the attention.

Even if you do not participate in many tenders

Are you very selective in the number of tenders you do? Then 12Build ensures that you are only found on your specialism. Moreover, you always decide whether or not you want to submit an offer.

Build with us!

12Build Promoter helps you to achieve more sales by coming into the picture as a construction specialist for the right projects. This means that you can earn back your investment very quickly. Also join the best online construction community in Europe!

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